NMR Policy

Recent events have convinced me that I need to establish a consistent, written policy for handling NMRs. This is it. In general, the guiding principal will be that the NMRed power will pursue as inactive a strategy as possible without unbalancing the game. That being said, here are specific policies for the different games I run.

Age of Renaissance If the NMR occurs during a “Turn N, Phase 7, Turn N+1 Phases 1-3” mailing, the power will buy 0 tokens, will not buy off any surpluses or shortages, will not exercise any card buy using Urban Ascendancy or discard using Master Art, nor will the power play any cards. If the NMR occurs during the “Phases 4-6” mailing, the power will buy a ship upgrade (if possible) and stabilization during Phase 4. During Expansion, expansion will be conducted using the following guidelines:

1. First priority will be to gain dominance in all occupied areas that are not dominated.

2. Second priority will be to attack lands within reach which provide commodities for which the power holds cards. These will be attacked in the following order:

a. Largest market number that can be attacked.

b. Occupied by the power holding the larger number of dominances

3. All lands adjacent to current holdings, in the following order:

a. Commodity currently held in largest number

b. Most profitable commodity (gold or ivory first, stone last)

c. Largest market number

d. Occupied by the power holding the larger number of dominances

e. Satellites protecting lands in the above order

In any case, if an attack fails and can be repeated, it will be done so.

Dune. If the NMR occurs in the Bidding Round or the Revival and Movement Round, no action will be taken, except to take any free revivals that may be due. The Bene Gesserit will accompany any shipments to the Polar Sink. If the NMR occurs in the Combat Round, the player will dial a number equal to his token value minus ½, pay 0 spice, use his weakest leader (Cheap Hero(ine) if available), and play no Treachery cards.

Goa. If the NMR occurs during Auction Marker placement, the GM will place the auction marker randomly. If the NMR occurs during the Tile Auction, the player will pass all auctions. If the NMR occurs during Player Actions, the GM will halt the game and call for a standby.

Gunslinger. The NMRing character will be treated as if it had a Delay in all five segments. Any AIM points will be maintained in their current position.

History of the World. If the NMR occurs during Empire Selection, the power will keep the drawn empire. If that is not possible, it will be passed to a random player. If the NMR occurs during play of an Epoch, the game will be held over at the beginning of that power’s turn for a standby call.

Kremlin. An NMRing player will not declare any influence on any politician. If he controls a politician, that politician will act as if it were not controlled. During special influence declaration phases, the player will take two cards, and randomly discard cards over the three card hand limit.

Industrial Waste. In a turn where card sets are being selected, one is chosen randomly. In a turn in which cards are being played, the cards will be discarded in random order. None will be saved.

Liftoff! An NMRing player will buy only that equipment needed to perform planned missions. Research will be conducted on any programs that have safety ratings at less than the R&D max. The number of dice used will be determined on the assumption that each die will roll a 2. No missions will be declared for the following year, no rushing will be undertaken, and the missions will be carried out in the normal fashion.

Machiavelli and all Diplomacy Variants. All units hold, and all retreating units go off the board. During a build turn, all current units will be maintained, but no new units will be built. If units have to be removed, they will be chosen randomly by the GM, with units occupying home cities/centers selected last.

Merchant of Venus. Any NMRing trader will hold in place and conduct no trades of any kind.

New World. Any NMRing power will be treated as a non-player nation as per the Non-Player Nations for New World rules.

Outpost. An NMRing commander will take no actions. If any cards have to be discarded, the lowest valued cards will be selected by the GM.

Phoenicia. An NMRing player will take no actions. Card and resource discard will be done so as to retain the most points for the next turn.

Power Grid. An NMRing player will pass on all power plant builds, not buy any new raw materials, not connect to any new cities, and only operate ecological or fusion power plants.

Puerto Rico. An NMRing player will select a Prospector role, if possible. If not possible, the GM will determine the roll randomly. For a Settler, Builder, or Captain role, the player will pass, for a Mayor role, the settler will be place in San Juan, for the Craftsman role, the player will produce what he can.

Robo Rally. Program cards will be randomly selected to fill out available registers. No option cards will be used.

Settlers/Seafarers of Catan. An NMRing power will make no trades or builds. If he has to discard cards, the cards will be selected randomly by the GM.

Silverton. An NMRing power will not prospect or survey. He will not operate any claims except passenger runs. He will not deliver any goods. He will not place any snowplows.